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Photographer - Sandi Simos - Keepsakes, heirlooms, product, nature

After a successful career in Product Marketing and Product Management, Sandi Simos decided to follow her passion and pursue a second career in photography. 


Sandi has developed a personal style which emphasizes color and contrast. Her work draws the eye to the primary subject. 

While she has experience shooting events and landscapes, her true passion is in showing details. This is evident in her macro photos, as well as her studio product work and with animal subjects. 

Sandi has studied under Nikon Masters of Light photographers and others. She uses these lessons to expand her expertise and improve her technique. 

Thank you for visiting my website.


Like you, I love seeing beauty in the world around us.  We notice the unique details, we are in wonder when we see something new.  We appreciate seeing these details whether we're out on a hike, in our workplaces or at home. 


I find that photography - usually outdoors, occasionally indoors - serves as a creative outlet that is unmatched. Capturing beauty, and turning it into art, gives me joy and makes me a better person.  


I tend to capture a wide variety of subjects, but all tend to have strong colors or textures. 



Sandi Simos

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